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(3rd Party Liability & Personal Accident)


Registration for club membership of Nigerian Fencing costs from N 10,000 if the club signs up to auto renewal and N 10,000 for non-auto renewal.  

Membership Benefits

  • Public Liability (typically a pre-condition of venue hire)
  • Fencers may affiliate to the club and represent the club in NF competitions
  • Fencers participating in a registered clubs beginner courses have access to the free Introduction category.  Fencers must sign up to Introduction Membership to be covered by the insurance.
  • Bulk registration of members, with discounts of up to 10% on membership fees even if auto renewal is not used.

Clubs are expected to encourage all fencers participating in a club to hold individual membership of NF.  Individual non-members, even if they are fencing in member clubs or under the instruction of registered coaches are NOT afforded the insurance benefits of members except in specific circumstances.

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