Weapon: Epee

Hand: Right-handed

Height: 6ft 2

Weight: 86 kg/13.6 st

Club: Brixton fencing club


  • Competed at the 2018 F.I.E Satellite Championships in Dublin, Ireland
  • Competed at the 2014 BUCS Foil Competition in England.


  • Akande Oreoluwa is a Nigerian Fencer who left for England at age 8 where he picked up Foil at a tender age.
  • During his time at the University he competed at the 2014 BUCS Foil Competition.
  • Upon graduating, he decided to focus on Epee due to his physique and the freedom the weapon allows. He joined a fencing club and has been training consistently ever since.
  • His first international competition came in 2018 at the F.I.E Satellite championship in Dublin, Ireland. Before the competition, he was ranked 1028th, but he performed very well and his ranking moved up to 684th in the World.