The 10,000 Grassroots Fencer Project has been launched in a bid to establish fencing as a major sport in Nigeria. But more importantly create another major platform in the sport industry that opens up several opportunities for youths to actualize their dreams like their fellow counterpart in other nations. Below are some of the highlights showing what the program entails.

  • Introduce fencing to 10,000 students in the 20 LGEAS of Lagos state.
  • Train and recruit 60 coaches to continue coaching fencers in each LGEA.
  • Setup 20 fencing centres across Local Government Areas.
  • Award 15scholarships to the best primary 6fencers.
  • Organize inter LGA circuit competitions to give national ranking to all participants and consequently determine who represents Nigeria in international competitions.

Find below a copy of the sponsorship proposals for this program.

10k Grassroots Sponsorship Proposal

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